Can I use a freight forwarder?

Definitely! While Beau-coup does not work directly with any freight forwarders or couriers, we have many customer who choose this method for shipping their packages outside the USA. 

What is a freight forwarder?

Freight forwarders, couriers and similar firms are companies that specialize in shipping merchandise on behalf of their clients. These businesses provide a range of services, including tracking receipt of your packages, preparing necessary shipping / export documents and arranging shipping and import of packages into the customer's desired country.

How will Beau-coup work with my freight forwarding company?

Once you have contracted with a freight forwarder, you can purchase your items via our website. 

In the shipping address field during checkout, provide the full and correct address of your freight forwarding company. Beau-coup will ship your order directly to this address. If the address is within the continental United States, you'll be able to take advantage of our flat-rate shipping. 

Please note that Beau-coup does not coordinate directly with your freight forwarding company; this is the sole responsibility of the customer. Additionally, the delivery estimated dates we quote during checkout are when your packages will arrive to your forwarder; you'll need to allow sufficient time for your forwarder to receive and ship them on to you.